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Job Requirements



Everyone must sign a contract in order to be a sub-contractor. You need to read and understand what it contains before signing. You will be responsible for reporting your income to IRS, I do supply a 1099 at the end of the year.

Pay Day

You are paid at a per paper rate, rates vary depending on route. Pay checks on Saturday.

Delivery Quality

I expect everyone to consistently make your minimum service goal.

You are allowed 1.75 complaints per thousand papers delivered. According to the contract, you would have $5 deducted for each complaint over your goal, keep note, Sun paper complaints and Multi-Products complaints are counted separately each are a goal of 1.75 complaints per thousand.


Without advertisers, we don’t have jobs. We need to ensure anyone that advertises with us has their ad delivered to every subscriber on the route.

Bonus Days

Whenever we have bonus days (all Subscribers are delivered), those extra papers must be delivered, as well. When more people get a paper in their hands, it increases the chances that someone might see an ad, and make a purchase. Since you get paid on a per-paper basis, bonus days increase your earnings.

Plastic Bags

You are to insure that the proper bag is used for each publication. A NY Times goes into a NY Times bag, not a Washington Post bag, Sun or any other bag… and a Sun does not go into another publisher’s bag. The publisher’s do not want their papers in another publisher’s bag. Their bag is a form of advertisement for them. They pay us to deliver their papers in their bags. You will always have sufficient quantities of bags for all the publications to make this policy work.

On Time Arrival

Your contract calls for all papers to be out of the warehouse within 60 mins. of truck arrival. This means that the warehouse must be empty!. If you cannot demonstrate that you finish your route by the Sun’s imposed deadlines (6am weekly and 8am weekends) or arrive early enough to leave by the deadlines, you will need to get here earlier.

I am saying this in the interest of customer service.

Gone are the days when a person can be resold after quitting for poor service. People have the Internet, now. They don’t need us as in the past. All we have left to offer is our service, and we need to do everything in our power to keep the subscribers that we have.

Serve Lists

Access to a serve list will be provided. You are expected to keep these lists updated with the changes that you see on a daily basis from the transaction mail that you receive. Modify these lists in writing. Don’t rely just on your memory, too many mistakes have been made this way. Ask in advance when you need a replacement list.

Time Off

You, are an Independent Contractor. You are not an employee. You, therefore, have no benefits. If you need time off, you need to find, hire and train your own substitute. If, I choose to supply a substitute for you, typically, you will lose your delivery fees for the day plus and additional $20.00 with a minimum cost of $85.00. This total amount is then paid to the substitute. You will still be held responsible for complaints and if you have an independent person covering you must assure their arrival, if they are a no show its the same as you being a no show.

Bad Weather

We are in a business that requires us to deliver our product in all kinds of weather. You are expected to be able to make your deliveries in all but the most severe weather events. Only severe ice storms give me grounds to delay deliveries or grant absences. Your safety is important. If I consider the weather too severe, I will tell you to stay home or go home. The papers must still be delivered later in the day when conditions are safer.

When bad weather is predicted, it is your responsibility, not mine, to make sure that you prepare accordingly. For example, if snow is predicted for the next morning, you should get to work earlier in order to beat the higher accumulations, obtain 4x4...

Multi-Products (Out of town papers)

One of the best things about our position in this business is that we have the opportunity to deliver publications other than the Sun. This helps the Sun’s bottom line and provides us with the opportunity to make more money. None of us should take this additional work for granted. 

Sun Plus

As with every other publication the deadline for delivery is Thursday afternoon, papers are usually available on Wednesday.

Delivery Issues

Count your papers - I expect you to count your papers before leaving the warehouse. I will not reimburse you for any papers that you need to buy unless you can prove a discrepancy between your manifested draw and your serve list, or if there is a known bundle count discrepancy issue. If you are short any papers, call. If the papers are at the warehouse, you may return to get what you need, if none available you will have to purchase them.

Extra papers – Everyone gets one Baltimore Sun for their own use. No one gets to take extra papers for delivery unless they are needed to replace obviously damaged copies. The extra papers we receive each day are primarily used to run recoveries and to replace damaged papers. You must take the exact number of Multi-Products, no extras.

Double Bagging - Since I am providing the bags, when needed, and in the interest of customer service, I expect everyone to reverse double bag when the weather is wet. We can only get deductions for wet paper complaints when the paper is double bagged.

Paper Placement

When you throw a paper, make sure it lands on the property. This is especially true of the free papers that we deliver. Public perception is very important. If our products are found in the streets, we are providing a dis-service to our advertisers and are getting people angry at us for “polluting” the streets.

Poor Service Stops

If you get a poor service stop, I expect you to resell the customer. We can’t afford to lose subscribers!


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